My Plastic Chair

My Plastic Chair explores the extent of polypropylene sheet as a comfortable seating surface. The chair is a result of numerous plastic seat iterations and human proportion studies. My Plastic Chair comfortably wraps around the human body while providing a durable and low-impact seating. Featured on Interior Designio.

Materials polypropylene sheet, ash wood, joint connector bolts and nuts

RISD ID Spring 2016 Chair Studio

Target audience young people looking for a comfortable seating with clean visuals.

Categories: furniture design

Full scale dining and easy chair mockups helped testing proportions for comfort.

Early "toilet seat" chair mockups informed me of the seat shape's structural integrity.

Seat and chair back shape were refined. Full scale seating were tested with thinner plastic (ABS). The frown was turned upside down into a less recognizable form. The seat was separated from the back for comfort (major areas of the human back do not touch the hardwares) and lower production cost.

Lightweight construction.