Mobile Pixels DUO

Mobile Pixels DUO is a portable dual screen for laptops. Fully funded in 4 hours on Kickstarter, DUO concluded the campaign surpassing 2400% of the original funding goal.

For the Boston-based startup, Mobile Pixels, I was in charge of first generation ID effort, designing under constraints to fit off-the-shelf parts and pre-manufactured components. Additionally provided was direction for future products. Featured on Yanko Design.

Client Mobile Pixels

Service ID Concept Development, ID Concept Refinement, User Experience, Package Design Support

Categories: industrial design, consumer electronics

In the beginning of ID Concept Development phase, I received an early prototype from Mobile Pixels. PCB and screen components had been sourced prior (white parts in image above), so the general size and shape of the device was fixed. Working under tight constrains and requirements, I aimed to refine the edge detail so that the device appears slim and robust at the same time.

01 Attach device to laptop via magnets.

02 Pull out screen.

03 Adjust viewing angle for personal use

04 or swing out screen 180 degrees for presentation mode.

Primary SKU Basalt Black.

Secondary SKU Particulate Snow.