Dots Camera

Dots Camera challenges the notion of rectangular photos. By having a circular frame and suitable UI for circular images, the camera enables for easier and more intuitive post-processing of photographs. Work in progress.

Personal project

Target audience everyday photographer.

Categories: industrial design, consumer electronics

Traditionally, camera sensors come in a rectangular shape. Much of information is lost as the result of shape difference between the lens and the sensor. With the advancement of technology, having non-rectangular sensors has become more viable.

Circular image processing provides a range of advantage over traditional rectangular imaging sensors. Giving the user the option to crop to different ratio images maximizes the utility of the raw output. Images can be rotated 360 degrees without any loss of information.

Screens have been rectangular for a very long time; however, non-rectangular and bendable screens have appeared with the emergence of new consumer electronics. Unconventionally shaped screens will no longer be things of the future. Catching up to the trend, photos and images no longer have to retain the rectangular shape.

Project in progress. Please check back later. Thank you!